Conserving What?

 As detailed in a previous post, true conservative Christianity seeks to conserve authentic, biblical Christianity. This is because conservatives see themselves as simply one link from the past to the future. We want to conserve something for two reasons: It was fought, bled for and refined by our ancestors and handed to us; and because we are commanded to pass it on to the next generation.

However, authentic, biblical Christianity can be a group of words into which the beholder inserts his or her personal, stylised version of Christianity. Kevin Bauder suggests that to understand what conservative Christians seek to conserve, we must break it down into five categories: the gospel, the whole counsel of God, biblical worship, ordinate affection, and reforming the moral imagination. Undergirding these will be two attitudes: a complete trust in the sovereignty of God, and an ongoing, deepening connection to historic Christianity.

For us to understand conservatism will be to give careful thought to each one, study the relevant material, and be prepared for ongoing study related to these matters. Beyond that, it will be to progress to a place of familiarity with these matters, such that we are able to teach others also.

The next series of posts will be related to these five categories and two attitudes.


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