There Must Needs Be Divisions

John Calvin on 1 Corinthians 11:19 (“For there must also be factions among you, that those who are approved may be recognized among you.”):

“Heresies are when the evil proceeds to such a pitch that open hostility is discovered, and persons deliberately divide themselves into opposite parties. Hence, in order that believers might not feel discouraged on seeing the Corinthians torn with divisions, the Apostle turns round this occasion of offense in an opposite direction, intimating that the Lord does rather by such trials make proof of his people’s constancy. A lovely consolation! “So far, says he, should we be from being troubled, or cast down, when we do not see complete unity in the Church, but on the contrary some threatenings of separation from want of proper agreement, that even if sects should start up, we ought to remain firm and constant. For in this way hypocrites are detected — in this way, on the other hand, the sincerity of believers is tried. For as this gives occasion for discovering the fickleness of those who were not rooted in the Lord’s Word, and the wickedness of those who had assumed the appearance of good men, so the good afford a more signal manifestation of their constancy and sincerity.” 


One Response to “There Must Needs Be Divisions”

  1. Simon Thomas Says:

    Ever read “The Almost Christian” by Matthew Mead? Fantastic! Your post is so on target. I have no idea what makes people so fickle concerning petty things, when the truh of heave is at stake. I sincerely i find no hypocrisy in my own self, but rightly seen, how can a man escape it.
    Repentance and Faiht remains the only way and as you say, the weeds will soon enough show themselves to be weeds!

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