Written between 1950 and 1963

Over the last few years the world has gone on to woo the Church (about like water woos a duck!) and has won her heart and hand in what seems to be a case of true love. The honeymoon is still on and the church is now the pampered bride of the world. And what a dowry she has brought to her sensuous and drooling lover! An impenitent and unregenerate populace buys religious books by the millions, to the delight of the profit-hungry publishers. Movie stars now write our hymns; the holy name of Christ sounds out from the gaudy jukebox at the corner pool hall, and in all-night stomp sessions hysterical young people rock and roll to the glory of the Lord.

  A.W Tozer, The Size of the Soul


4 Responses to “Written between 1950 and 1963”

  1. Walter Schmidt Says:

    I first heard him make this statement in 1962 although it wasn’t in his Church so he probably also made the statement earlier.

  2. Jeremiah Says:

    I really enjoy hearing Tozer and reading his books.

  3. Web Pulse – October 27, 2010 | Religious Affections Ministries Says:

    […] Conservative Christianity » Written between 1950 and 1963 – Written between 1950 and 1963- A devistating critique of the contemporary […]

  4. Mark Penrith Says:

    Prophetic, in the forth sense :).

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