Lord, Have Mercy

Father and Fearsome God,

We have sinned.

We confess that we have added to the darkness of this age, rather than dispersing it.
We have led others to worship a golden image, rather than YHWH.
Kýrie, eléison.

We have sung songs far beneath Your majesty, and taught others to do so.
We have argued for what is profane and common, perverting our powers of reason for evil.
We have taught others before we had barely understood, being quick to speak and slow to hear.
We have prayed publicly with mindless casualness, and called it sincerity.
We have preached publicly with careless levity and called it joy.
We have worshipped with self-indulgent irreverence and called it lively.
Kýrie, eléison.

We have modelled not the fear of the Lord, but an inordinate familiarity with the Holy One.
We have confused worship with entertainment, and made it acceptable.
We have taught others that the passions of levity, hilarity, and flippancy belong in the service of God.
We have worshipped the gods of fun, popularity, results and attendance figures.
We have served ourselves in Your name.
Kýrie, eléison.

We have breathed in the spirit of the age, and exhaled it upon Your children.
Like Saul, we have claimed noble intentions for our disobedience, compounding our rebellion with lies.
Like Hophni and Phineas, we have caused men to abhor Your worship, therefore our sin is very great.
To us belong millstones, for children have imagined You wrongly through our actions.
Kýrie, eléison.

At one time, we heard of You with the hearing of the ear, but now our eyes see You, and we repent in utter humiliation.

Forgive us for the sake of Your reputation as a merciful God.
For Your own name’s sake, restore what the locusts have eaten.
For Your fame, grant that we could recover hundredfold what we destroyed.
For the glory of Your grace, turn our earned shame into a gracious zeal for the Lord of Hosts.
Kýrie, eléison.


5 Responses to “Lord, Have Mercy”

  1. Joel Says:

    Very good.

    You might want to consider balancing the metaphor this line: “We have imbibed the spirit of the age, and exhaled it upon Your children.”

    I think it would be better if you went with drinking or smoking, but not mix them.

  2. Todd Mitchell Says:


    May I put this in my monthly journal, if I can make it fit?

  3. David Says:

    Good idea.


  4. Simon Says:

    Wow, this is certainly very profound. I dont think I have gone that far in my confessions. Should we confess the sins of our fathers, or is that too Old Testament?

  5. David Says:

    I don’t know about ‘too Old Testament’. Daniel expressed solidarity with his nation, and confessed sins that are hard to pin on the man himself. It’s not that we break generational curses or any of that nonsense, but as Christians we are part of the church, both militant and triumphant. If we can express solidarity with the past victories of the church, I think we can identify with its failures too. When those failures are being perpetuated by the present generation, all the more so.

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