Topics I’d Like To See At a Conference (But Probably Never Will)

1. “Ridding Your Church of Entertainment”
2. “Training Your Future Pastors When They’re Still Children”
3. “Music Education in the Church: A Priority”
4. “Replacing Youth Groups With Effective Discipleship of the Young”
5. “Meaning and Morality – Teaching Christians Discernment for All of Life”
6. “Preaching and Classical Rhetoric”
7. “Thinking Christianly: The Real Objective of a Christian School”
8. “Returning Four-Part Hymn Singing to Your Congregation”
9. “Less is More: Supporting Less Missionaries With More for Sustainable Indigenous Ministry”
10. “Why It Takes Ten Years (Or More) To Get a Church Planted”
11. “Equipping the Saints: The Pastor As Coach, Not Performer”
12. “Architecture and Reverence: Designing Meeting Places Meant for Worship”
13. “Membership and Covenanting: The Lost Art of Mutual Oaths”
14. “Pragmatic Ministry & Why It Doesn’t Work”
15. “Body-Life: Teaching a Church Community to Behave Like One”
16. “Contextualization: An Excuse For Anything-Goes Evangelism?”
17. “The Lost Art of Public Prayers”
18. “Evangelism in an Apostate Culture: Redefining ‘the Lost’”
19. “Table Manners – Approaching the Lord’s Supper As More Than A Tag-On”

Feel free to add to the list.


4 Responses to “Topics I’d Like To See At a Conference (But Probably Never Will)”

  1. Dave Says:

    Sounds like we need to organise a conference in the not-to-distant future, :-).

  2. David Says:

    Glad I just hired an administrative pastor.

  3. Marc Blackwell Sr Says:

    What a ‘conference” that would be…..

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