Essential Marks of Christian Churches

1. Committed to the idea of evangelicalism/fundamentalism. Therefore committed to the teaching and propagation of a clear gospel, responsible evangelism, church planting and missions, church membership, church discipline, and a wise practise of biblical separation.
2. Committed to orthodoxy. Therefore committed to a literal grammatical-historical hermeneutic, primacy of expository preaching, theological literacy, biblical education, exposure of theological error.
3. Committed to orthopraxy Therefore committed to worship regulated by Scripture, biblical church leadership, biblical ecclesiology, personal piety and the pursuit of holiness.
4. Committed to orthopathy. Therefore committed to appropriate worship, rightly ordered loves, the cultivation of a Christian imagination, the importance of beauty.
5. Committed to discernment. Therefore committed to weighing and judging doctrines, judging practices and applications of Scriptur, and distinguishing between affections and passions. Committed to understanding the meaning of the cultures around us, (with their accompanying customs, practices, habits, tendencies, art forms, attitudes, political and social models, technologies, media and the like) so as to properly obey and love God.
6. Committed to contemporary traditionalism. Therefore committed to understanding and rightly viewing the genuine Christian tradition, building and continuing historic Christianity, incarnating historic Christianity in the contemporary world.



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